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high5.jpgIn the spirit of fun, “just because” holidays that I wrote about when I spread the word about Feel Better Day, today is National High Five Day!

Not shockingly, this holiday was started by college students, at the University of Virginia in 2002.  High-five-ing just has that “hey, man” youth vibe.  But it’s a fun tradition even for those of us who don’t use the phrase “meet you on the quad” with any regularity. 

When you offer your hand to someone, you’re saying any of these things:

  • Congrats, you rock!
  • I agree with you, you said it better than I could have!
  • You’re clever and I think what you just said was funny!
  • I’m happy to see you, I’m glad you’re here!

I love the idea of National High Five Day as a chance to say any or all of these things to people in our lives – or random strangers on the street.  Even if it often seems to belong to the male, beer-drinking, baseball-cap-wearing set, high-fives are chances for connection in a world that’s hungry for just that.  So I say, don’t leave me hanging!

When’s the last time you gave a high-five?

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