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I just came across a lovely book called “Silver Linings: Meditations on Finding Joy and Beauty in Unexpected Places,” in which author Mina Parker shares a lovely way to bring mindfulness back into your day.  She writes:

“I was at a kid’s soccer game a while ago, and when the team started to make a few mistakes, missing easy shots, the coach shouted out, “Aware-ify!”  It seemed to work for the players, it perked up the fans, and playing improved right away. 

Now when things start to look bland or downright dreadful, I give myself a mental shout to aware-ify, to take in the world around me, hear the background noise, stop and smell the flowers. I notice all sorts of things….it’s like finding bite-sized bits of beauty all over, and it sustains and refreshes my outlook.”

Will you try to aware-ify today?  Let us know how it goes!

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