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sun1.jpgOur friend Dr. Norris, author of the Dr. Norris Chumley Satisfied Life blog, offers a visualization to do in your morning shower to start your day with both a clean body and a pure spirit:

“Imagine that the stress from your fears, worries, and problems is
flowing away, out of your body: down, down, down the drain. Let the warm, pulsing beat of the stream untie your
physical knots. Take deep cleansing breaths as your cares float away.
The idea is to release the tension that results from emotional stress,
so that you can manage your concerns and problems more effectively…
unblocked and empowered, pure and clean.”

Click here for Dr. Norris’ full entry. And tell us – do you meditate, pray, reflect, sing show tunes in the shower? How does it affect your day?

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