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sun1.jpgThanks to Fresh Living reader Mary Beth for sharing her inspiring morning routine: she wakes up around 4 a.m., starts the
coffee, drinks a large bottle of room temperature water, feeds her
cats, and enjoys a cup of hot coffee as she starts her computer.

She then put son some meditative music, lights some incense and 2 candles, and meditates over one of the candles. “I stare at the light and I think to
myself, ‘I am breathing in, I am breathing out.’ Since I am really a newbie to meditation, this helps to center me.”

She then draws an Angel Oracle Cards from a deck called “Healing with the Angels.” She says, “I draw
one or two cards that the angels have ‘picked’ for me to help guide me
through my day. After that, I reflect on their messages, and journal
about them. This helps me to stay focused and really sets the tone for a
fabulous day. This is all happening as my husband, and the rest of my world is
fast asleep. Just time me and myself, and my spiritual journey.”

Thanks for sharing, Mary Beth!

Do you start your day with a spiritual practice?

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