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veganfudge.jpgThe last couple of years my dear friend B. has sent me a divine birthday treat, courtesy of his friend’s AMAZING company, Allison’s Gourmet. I’ve now had the brownies and the fudge. And OMG, so good.

The ingredients are organic and vegan (though anyone I’ve shared these with is like, “Really, vegan? But this tastes amazing.”). And the treats are affordable and can be delivered just about anywhere. So I encourage you to check out the fudgey, healthier goodness. My treat was a tray of half regular and half walnut, but they also have orange fudge, vanilla chai fudge, pumpkin chai fudge, and other obscene and delectable sounding yum. Plus coffee, hot chocolate, brittle, caramels, cookies, and the like.

(Thanks again, B., for making my birthday that much sweeter and chocolatier.)


Do you have any favorite healthy places you order desserts online?

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