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Apart from its financial connotation, the dictionary defines “tax” as “a burdensome or excessive demand; a strain.”  So I think it’s perfectly appropriate, now that our W2s and 1099s are safely sent off to Uncle Sam, to think of today, April 15, as “tax-free day.”

What a worthy challenge, to embrace a burden-less attitude, a freedom from strains and demands – not only on Tax Day, but on a Wednesday, no less!  Can you do it?  Let us try!

Meanwhile, for more tax-day inspiration, check out 10 tips for making April 15 a better day, from Deborah Price, Beliefnet’s financial blogger.  Here’s one of her tips:

“As you drive to work today on paved roads and freeways, remember to
have a moment of gratitude for these roads that your tax dollars help to
provide. Believe me, one trip to India and you’ll never see a paved road
the same again!”

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