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Have you ever been to a sports game that got really exciting because ofa late-game comeback, a close score, or a buzzer beater?  You know whatthe stadium sounds like at those moments: loud. 

There are somany rituals associated with sports, but maybe the most primal is thechant.  Whether you’re singing “We Will Rock You,” a school fight song,or just shouting, “De-Fense,” opening your mouth, filling your lungs,and making noise feels good.  It’s how you encourage your team, sure,but it’s also how you release the adrenaline that’s coursing throughyour body when you want your team to hold onto a lead or make a keyshot. 

It’s the socially acceptable equivalent of screaming “come ON!”at someone as you both rush for the good check-out lane at the grocerystore.

So in honor of March Madness, and inspired by the fun,fierce yogini Sadie Nardini, may I present a sports-inspired chant thatyou can use whenever you need to cheer yourself on to victory in theBig Dance of life. 

Note: I am not a professional….do attempt this at home!

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