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IMG_3627.jpgIt’s a full-on, school’s canceled snow-day here in NYC. And if you’re anywhere in the snow-zone, you too are seeing scads of the fluff out your window (or in your face). Thought it’d be a great moment to hunt down some snow recipes.

Here’s one site with a bunch of great-sounding snow ice-cream recipes made with basic ingredients you probably have in your house (sugar, vanilla, milk).

I also just made the big sacrifice and created some au naturel snow ice cream for breakfast for research purposes. (You’re welcome!)  In my usual tradition of inexact recipes, here’s my deeeelicious concoction (please add “-ish” to the end of each measurement):

2-3 cups clean snow (I skimmed off the top of my freshly snowed fire escape)
2 TBs half-and-half
1 TB maple syrup
1 TB cocoa powder
1 dash pure vanilla

Add ingredients to medium-small bowl, smoosh with a spoon, serve and enjoy! Serves one or two depending on appetite.

Do you have any yum snow recipes to share?

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