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yes_western.jpgThe most exciting thing about having a blog is getting feedback and having interactions with readers–you!

We love love love when you comment and share your stories with us and each other, so please, keep it coming. It’s especially cool when we can see how something you’ve read here–from me or Holly or readers–has affected your life in a small or big or medium way. Because for us, that’s what it’s all about–change, connection, outward ripples.

And from time to time we’ll be posting your comments as individual posts. Like today. Reader Beth shared this inspiring tale about the The Life-Altering Power of ‘Yes‘ post:

had hand surgery on Tuesday afternoon. That morning before leaving for
the hospital, I read your “Yes” article and thought it was great.
During my pre-surgery, the nurse wrote “yes” in magic marker at the
base of the finger that was going to be operated on. It is now Thursday
and the “yes” is still there on my hand reminding me to say YES more
often! Thanks, Beth

Thank you, Beth! And happy, yessy healing.

On the topic of consciously prepping for an operation, there’s this Beliefnet gallery 8 Spiritual Ways to Prepare for Surgery that you or others may find helpful.

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