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Many thanks to Therese over at Beyond Blue for the fun, fabulous interview she did with us! We are looking forward to returning the favor and getting some juicy tidbits from Therese very soon, so stay tuned.

Click here for the whole interview, but meantime here’s a preview, in answer to Therese’s question about why we created Fresh Living:

Holly: What I hope Fresh Living shows is that a healthy, natural lifestyle is a journey, not a
destination. There’s always room for a little bit more good stuff in
all of our lives (including mine, God knows), and I hope that the blog
is a place where people can get information and inspiration–and also
feel like we’re all walking this road together.

Valerie: Ditto
what Holly said. Plus I really like how the web connects us with people
we would not normally encounter. You know that thing about the wave of
a butterfly’s wing changing weather patterns halfway around the world?
Well, I love thinking about how sharing stories in this format–from me
and Holly and from the readers to each other–can also be that tiny,
potent wind to catalyze transformation and making things a little bit
better for someone somewhere. Who can also pass that along to someone

Please visit Beyond Blue often for Therese’s fabulous insights on her spiritual journey to mental health. Today’s post is an uber-helpful list of ways to tame self-expectations.

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