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patronus.jpgRemember the “Patronus” spell, which takes a different form depending on the person who casts it in the Harry Potter books and movies (Harry’s is a stag, Hermione’s an otter, etc)?  That’s how I’ve been thinking about what it feels like when chi energy moves through the human body.  In Harry Potter’s world, the Patronus is a protective charm, and because everyone needs different protections, everyone’s protector looks different.

So too with chi energy, that mysterious force that each of us–in our very different bodies–need to keep flowing to maintain health and inner peace.

Yesterday at my acupuncture appointment, I felt my chi-Patronus in full force. It’s like a cool, sudden shiver-wash that starts at a point and spreads out like a crashing cymbal’s sound waves.  In the past, I’ve also experienced a humming sensation in my lips, or even the feeling that my mouth is watering (in a “Mmmmm, donuts….” kind of way).

What does your chi-Patronus look like? And when do you experience it – on the acupuncture table? Just before you fall asleep?  On the subway?  When you hear a certain piece of music?

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