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Are Orange Juice Containers Recyclable?

Do you put orange juice cartons in the recycle bin, thinking that they count as cardboard?  Ok, then, maybe I’m the only one….but it turns out that orange juice containers are made of an already-recycled material, and they in turn are only recyclable in certain states (and only in certain towns within those states….alas, not mine).

Check out the Carton Council’s website for an easy drop-down menu of which states and towns that accept carton recycling.  If you can’t recycle, do you have any clever uses for the cartons?  Please share!

And most of all, keep drinking your OJ!

  • jestrfyl

    We have been asked to avoid recycling any paper/board container that has been in direct contact with food. So Pizza boxes, juice and milk containers and other such things are garbage. Cereal and cookie boxes and all secondary packaging (that which contains other packaging for food) are all trash – and thus recyclable. We do wash and recycle all plastic food containers though there is some confuson about the numbers in the recycling triangle. We do have a debate on the lids taken from cans – are they recyclable trash or simply garbage. So many decisions, so many choices – except one, recycling is a small effort for big rewards.

  • Sugrona

    whenever I get waxed containers from milk or juice, I was them out with vinegar and use them to freeze broth, soup, berries, jellies etc. so I may yse them again later, especially after a huge turkey dinner, a roast or after cooking down bones for broth.

  • david (shortypa47)

    You all may think this is weird or strange , but this is something you can do with the cartons . (1) I have seen them used in home shops to hold and contain different hardware (nails and screws and such .{cut the tops off cartons tape or glue together} (2) They can be a dividers (containers)in a drawer in your kitcher , (hold the different ojects that is placed (thrown) in there .{Cut down to fit into the drawer} (3) Here is a good one . This will really be a good one . Take the cartons and cut off just the top and stack them on top of each other .Make sure that you cut it so where the next one will sit on the top. Glue each carton in place . Now go back and cut out just one side of each carton . Leave enough to use as a base . It is like the floor of a building . The top layer you leave the cartons whole and glue them in place . Place the whole project on a solid piece of wood .
    Here is the fun part , you have just created yourself a doll house or an apartment building . Each carton is now a different room , a different appartment . Just take some shelfing paper (wood grain) to use a the siding on your new house . Cut the front door and windows where you wish them to be , and the tops of the cartons are to serve as a chimney . Just cut off a small piece of tissue roll to use as the chimney stack .
    Here is another idea . If layed out in the same fashion and cut to the size you wish . Removing the top section . You now have small shadow boxes , or shelves for your what-nots to sit on . Just put a thin piece of paneling or whatever on the top and bottom to use your support. You can place a piece on the back if needed to hang it by .
    I have seen the cartons washed and then cut ( cut all sides)to lay flat on the botton of the drawer , and now it becomes a protector for the bottom of the drawer . There is so many things you can do if you look at them through the eyes of a child or as someone seeking a way and place to store all the small items we have collected.
    Remember when we were young and could take a cardboard box , and it would become a fort , or camp , or house or even a rocketship .
    We used our imaginatiion to creat what we we wished it to be . We could intertain ourselves for hours with that cardboard box . Have fun and keep a young mind .

  • LutheranChik

    Gardeners growing tomatoes, peppers and other larger vegetable plants from seed can cut off the tops of juice containers and use them as pots for seedlings big enough to move to an individual planter but not ready for the garden.

  • jRives North

    I’m trying to minimize the issue of disposable containers by taking my own coffee mug to cafes which tend to charge me only a refill price of fifty cents plus 4 cents tax on a short.
    Also I take covered dishes to retaurants for takeout rather than utilizing their styrofoam, plastic or paper receptacles.
    I never drink water out of plastic; rather I refill my old glass Aqua Panna or Appollonaris bottles. Wish we could get such companies to accept used bottles here in Texas (with 5 cent refund).

  • Lynne Lott

    As far as getting the best orange juice, it is from organic juice oranges and the juice that can be extracted from them. As far as recycling, how about recycling the peels of oranges from which you get the juice? Compost pile here they come! The boxes get burned and turned into ash that can be recyled too.

  • Mary

    I like the suggestions of making little apartments or houses from the cartons or using to hold small objects. the small milkcartons can be
    used also. I am sure we could think of many ways to use things we have a bad habit of putting in trash. Lets use our noggins

  • Keith Barkley

    You can ship all your 64.oz orange juice or milk cartons to
    Zone Tech Innovations , And we will create something beautiful out of them. Beautiful one of a – kind keepsake flower vases that perfect for any heart warming occasion.
    Ship to: P.O. Box 8
    South Hill, VA.23970

  • mashina Dasha

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