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Thumbnail image for HollyBowl.JPGWow, Valerie, wow!  I loved your entry about Tibetan singing bowls  because first of all, I’m glad you’re finally on the mend after that nasty bronchitis, and second of all, it turns out I have a singing bowl sitting in my dining room but had no idea what it was!

My friend Mike brought it back for me from Nepal several years ago, and showed us how to make the sound by moving the wooden dowel around the rim.  (Side note: I’m fascinated by the leather-covered dowels because, um, do Buddhists “do” leather?)

I totally thought I knew what it was: a Buddhist begging bowl that doubles as a meditation chime (you ring the top, then “ding!” the side to begin or end a meditation session, right?).  I’d say I should have Googled it, but I’m glad that I got to learn about it instead from you who were (sort of) healed by it.  Thanks!

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