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In Defense of (Some) Male Doctors

My blog sister Holly just wrote about her ban on male doctors. I can totally relate. Even though my pediatrician, Dr. Rappaport was a lovely man, many subsequent male doctors in my early life were condescending, dismissive, and down-right rude. (And let’s not even talk about the non-medical healers I’ve visited who complimented my aura a few too many times. Ick.) I wouldn’t go to a male anything for years.

It was only when I was diagnosed with cancer four years ago that I delved into the male doctor zone. The first oncologist I met was screamingly typical of my previous experiences. Patronizing, clinical, rough. Horrible. He told me my disease looked “beautiful under a microscope” and was “intellectually stimulating.” And gave me the bone marrow biopsy from hell. Anyway. Immediate, obsessive research led me to Dr. Z, the antithesis of the first. Warm, smart, fatherly without being paternalistic, at the very top of his field, I fell into his care like a newborn. And it changed me. Now my shrink is a man, I go to male massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists. I’m so open to men that I crossed the final frontier–yep, a male gynecologist. I was sold when a friend told me her friend said of Dr. E, “He can look inside me any time.” It was the most painless, not-uncomfortable time I’ve ever spent in stirrups. So. Something to think about.

Do you go to male docs?  

  • Jenn

    I’ll go to a male dentist, a male allergist, a male GP, and a male chiropractor. But never to a male gyno. I’d much rather have a lady doc all up in my lady bits… it makes an uncomfortable situation slightly less uncomfortable.

  • Your Name

    Think about it ladies. How did it make you feel when your mother told you as a young lady that you would be going to the doc? You would remove all of your clothing and allow this strange man to examine your privates INSIDE and OUT. Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Kinda queezy? There’s a reason WHY you felt this way. GOD places in all of us a “feeling” we get when we know something is wrong. It’s a warning signal sent to us by HIM! It’s natural to feel scared or uncomfy at times. Ladies, it is a SIN for men to examine you (especially if you are married to another man)in this way. Breasts and the area between your legs are a very strong temptation for men. And for those who say,”When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all!” YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! Ask yourself THIS question. Why would a 20 yr. old young man want to become a GYN? To help women? HA! The answer is, $$$ and see, touch and feel women all day, every day. Read your Bibles ladies and start sending your daughters to FEMALE doctors. God bless.

  • Your Name

    I have to agree with the above post. I remember sitting in our pediatriacian’s office one day with our baby and my husband saw a teen girl in a tight t-shirt and short shorts going back with her mom to be examined. My husband had to bounce his eyes away from her to avoid getting aroused, and he told me that any mother who thinks that a male doctor seeing that girl in just her panties, or even with her bra on too,would not get aroused is totally fooling herself.

  • kenneth

    I think young attractive women should stay away from male doctors because as heterosexual men as much as they deny it they are uncontrollably aroused. However, old or unattractive women won’t sexually affect the doctor. Remember a doctor is a man first and then a doctor. Also if you look on the internet there are thousands of cases of male doctors using their position of trust who sexually abuse attractive females

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