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Reader Appeal: Pastors, Teachers, Small Group Leaders Genre: Bible Commentary FBSN Rating: B+   The Holman Apologetic Commentary on the Bible series is unique in that its main focus is not verse by verse exposition of the Scriptures. In fact, […]

Reader Appeal: Pastors, Teachers, Seminary Students Genre: Theology / Apologetics FBSN Rating: B   Bart Ehrman has made a cottage industry of creating new, marketable conspiracy theories about Jesus. In the process, he’s made it OK to talk about religion […]

Reader Appeal: Parents, Teens, Pastors Genre: Christian Living FBSN Rating: B It’s tempting to think of Lee Strobel as a one-trick writer, simply because he keeps publishing random books titled “The Case for…” That temptation gets even stronger when you […]

Reader Appeal: Students, Bible Study Groups, Families Genre: Bible Reference FBSN Rating: B+ “God made Eve from Adam’s rib. Are you ribbing me?” “The Bible says ‘sons of God’ had sex with human women, who gave birth to giants. Doesn’t […]