Flunking Sainthood
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In seminary I took a course on the Psalms. As I go through the Psalter now in the Twible, I am rediscovering all the marginal notes I made in my Bible of things I apparently knew back in those days […]

As many of you know, I am a daily Twitter person, tweeting out a chapter of the Bible every day with humorous — okay, sometimes snarky — commentary. For the last year and a half I’ve been deeply interested in […]

Does God promise us justice? The short answer seems to be no. Well, maybe. Probably not. The Book of Job, which we’ve been delving into in the Twible these past few weeks, raises all the requisite questions about suffering — […]

In my church we sing a beautiful hymn called “I Know That My Redeemer Lives,” based on a famous passage from Job 25: 25: 25 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter […]

In the months that I’ve been doing the Twible, there have been a few times when the Twible entries have spoken to a situation in my own life. That’s never been more true than now, as I push through the […]

Fun Facts About Esther: • Esther is the only book in the whole Bible not to speak of God. • Esther is the only book in the Old Testament that’s not also in the Dead Sea Scrolls, because lots of […]

So it turns out the reconstructing a community is a lot more work than reconstructing a temple. Stones are more flexible than people. Did we know this? While the first half of the Book of Nehemiah was taken up with […]

Big picture: Another wave of exilees is retuning to Jerusalem. Under the guidance of Nehemiah, the governor, they work furiously to rebuild the city walls. And I do mean furiously. The Bible claims the walls were reconstructed in 52 days. […]

This week we begin exploring Ezra-Nehemiah, which was a single document back in the day, but which we have divided into two because our attention spans are very, very short. Ezra was a scribe, priest, and acting mayor who led […]

If you just had the text of Ezra and Nehemiah to go on (and, FYI, they were probably written by the same person and intended as one book–another piece of Twible twivia I’ve amassed in doing this project), you’d think […]