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In doing the Twible recently I’ve come across a whole genre that I like to call the “Wake Up, God, and Get the Hell Out of Bed” Psalms. These are the Psalms for when God feels impossibly far away at […]

What do we make of Psalm 88? We saw last week that the Psalms of lament are a beautiful, if misunderstood, part of the Psalter, and that they serve a clear spiritual purpose. I talked about how much I liked […]

Ah, the Psalms of lament. In terms of the “big categories” of Psalms, this one is the granddaddy. It seems I’m not the only one who likes to complain about life occasionally. Or daily. Here’s a sampling of some of […]

#Twible Ps 69: G, I know you don’t really want my enemies to triumph here. It would make you look like a total wuss deity. Man up, please. There’s a whole lot of shame in the Psalms. I guess it’s […]

This past Sunday I spoke about the Twible project at an Episcopal church, with a Power Point presentation that drew heavily on images from The Brick Testament. And you thought the Twible was a quixotic project . . . ha! […]

#Twible Ps 35: G, please kick the asses of my enemies. Don’t hold back. Stab ’em with the spear, then the javelin. That’s the ticket! imprecation [??mpr??ke???n] n 1. the act of imprecating 2. a malediction; curse I don’t remember […]

Actually, these were from a couple of weeks ago, not this week, but there is grace for Twiblers everywhere. My personal favorite from this batch is Psalm 31. Enjoy –JKR #Twible Ps 24: “Lift up your heads, O gates! Be […]

When I was a kid growing up in an atheist/agnostic family (my dad was the atheist and my mother the agnostic), I did not learn about the Bible at home. Or anywhere else, really. My mom took us to Quaker […]

Short answer: no. Read on if you want to know why. Some Jewish and Christian traditions consider David the author of the Psalms, possibly all 150 but especially numbers 3 to 41, which are thought to comprise a collection. (They […]

I recently did a Q&A interview with fellow blogger Matt Litton, author of Mockingbird Parables, about my life as a religion writer. The interview was part of the “Five Good Answers” tradition he has on his blog every Friday, where […]