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10:40: Settling in to eggs, toast, and pilfered Easter candy. Oh, NOW the dog wakes up. 10:48: Not only does the queen look wonderful in yellow, but it seems a symbolic choice, like she has high hopes that this union […]

9:41: Hey, good news!  Apparently it’s not just British women who can carry off great hats. Carrie from Ohio has a little red top hat. Ohio women like me have all been rehabilitated. Everyone, drink your tea. 9:47: Aaaaaaaw, it’s […]

3:37 a.m. Aaaaugh! Insomnia again. Well, at least there’s something interesting to watch on TV. Forget about my plans to TiVo the royal wedding and see it tonight. Now I will be watching with millions of other people! It’s, like, […]