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It’s summertime here at Flunking Sainthood, which means that I’ve put away any heavy theology tomes for the time being and am reading fiction. Lots of fiction, including YA. So each week in June I’ll be reviewing a YA book […]

A couple of years ago, I published a BYU Studies article about Mormon themes in Twilight that was picked up by Meridian, an LDS website. I received some feedback on the piece, mostly positive, though several readers took issue with […]

What do we make of Psalm 88? We saw last week that the Psalms of lament are a beautiful, if misunderstood, part of the Psalter, and that they serve a clear spiritual purpose. I talked about how much I liked […]

Here’s an email I sent to all my WJK authors today, encouraging them to join Amazon’s free Author Central program. I joined myself earlier this week. One thing I learned is that the state where my books sell best is […]

Home from Alaska! (I know I didn’t actually tell you all that I was going on vacation. I was going to do this, and let you know where the valuables and the spare key are kept, but then I had […]