Flunking Sainthood
September 2010 Archives

I never intended to become addicted to another television show. For starters, I don’t have the time. But a  compelling secondary reason is that too many of the shows I have allowed myself to fall in love with in recent […]

Stephen Carter lives in rural Wyoming where he edits Sunstone magazine and acts as primary caretaker for the world’s most beautiful baby girl. This excerpt is taken from Carter’s new book What of the Night?, published here by permission of […]

Last week we explored the big picture of the decline and fall of Israel (the northern kingdom) and Judah (the southern kingdom). Remember that the north fell to Assyra first, in 722 B.C., and that the south managed to hold […]

Last month, Random House’s Three Rivers imprint released Shut Up about Your Perfect Kid: A Survival Guide for Ordinary Parents of Special Kids by Patricia (Patty) Konjoian, whose daughter has bipolar disorder, and her sister Gina Gallagher, whose daughter has […]

You know how on Facebook, you sometimes overhear other people’s conversations that you wish you hadn’t? Well, this one came up on my Facebook news feed because one of my friends (the last and only sane individual in this conversation) […]

The Metaphysics of Mormon Sacrament Meetings, by Matt Bowman The heart of the Great Tait-Riess Worship Smackdown of 2010 seems to me a dispute about how precisely we should understand worship and what worship is supposed to accomplish. Beyond any […]

Recently at my church, the regular adult Sunday School teacher was on vacation and the assigned substitute was ill. I offered to substitute and was handed a lesson plan just before I walked in to class. Obviously, there wasn’t a […]

The only thing I knew about Julian of Norwich before reading Amy Frykholm’s excellent new “contemplative biography” of her was that she was the saint who said “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of […]