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I began this blog several years ago as a medium for exploring the intersections between creativity and transformation. Over time, as I became increasingly involved in synthesizing writing, photography, and transformation in my own life, this blog became a venue for presenting essays from my forthcoming book, Fifty-Two Flower Mandalas. That project is now moving toward completion. I’d like to shift the blog’s focus back to its original intention.

And invite you to participate.

So, I ask you, my readers — and anyone in your circles of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances — to participate in an ongoing exploration of creativity, art, transformation, and healing. I’m game for just about anything that’s fit to print and am especially interested in presenting your experiences with creative activities, whether as a creator or consumer.

What role has creativity in any of its multiple forms played in your life? I’m talking about “creativity” in the broadest possible way, not just the traditional visual arts such as painting, sculpture, and photography, but all things artistic and/or creative. Some creative activities that come to mind:

* Performing arts such as music, movies, theater

* Crafts such as woodworking, metalwork, knitting, beadwork, pottery, jewelry making

* Architecture, restoration, gardening, and creative uses of space and the environment

* Activities such as teaching, coaching, therapy, and helping others manage their work

You can comment on the posts that show up here or on my Facebook Flower Mandalas page, but I also hope you will consider making a guest post. Describe your own experience with art and creative activities, or talk about creative people who have inspired you — teachers, friends, family members, mentors, historical personages, even fictional characters.

If you’d like to make a guest post, please email me at

Spread the word, and thanks!

More anon,
– David
David J. Bookbinder, LMHC

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