Flower Mandalas

Thank You! (and some links)

Many thanks to the great people who have backed The Flower Mandalas Project so far. I’m honored to have such supportive friends, family, and fans.

If you haven’t yet, it’s still not too late to back the Project and get great Backer Rewards.

For those who missed the August portion of the fundraiser, there’s still a little over one week remaining. If you have not yet backed the Project, please consider doing so before the September 14 deadline. The Project has already met its minimum goal, so the Book has the green light. Additional funding will go:

  1. To creating the Exhibition and Electronic versions of the Project and putting them in healing institutions, such as the Massachusetts General Hospital Illuminations program, and
  2. To kickstarting (lowercase “k”) the foundation I hope to create for promoting art & healing projects by other artists. (Anyone who has previous experience starting a foundation, please contact me, as I’d prefer not to totally reinvent the wheel.)


And please continue to spread the word by sharing this link on Facebook, twitter, email, other electronic forums, and In Real Life:

Once the fundraiser ends, I will continue to post Updates on the Project on the Kickstarter project page at:

Segments of the book will appear both on my blog:
and on my project page:

Please check in, and thanks again —

– David

David J. Bookbinder, LMHC

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