Flower Mandalas

To those of you who are still out there, listening, I owe an apology. I have been preoccupied with creating a new website, and with a plethora of health issues, and although numerous blog ideas have occurred to me, I have not put virtual pen to virtual paper. (That’s the apology.)
(This is the request.) Creating a website turns to be no small effort. I have wanted for some time to combine my work in photography, digital art, and psychotherapy onto one site, and this ( is the result. I’d very much appreciate comments on the site, either by e-mail or as comments to this post.
(And now here’s the promise.) I’m taking a brief vacation from cyberspace activities. When I resume, I vow to also resume posting images and ideas here, and I also invite anyone interested in guest blogging to get in touch with me. The areas of art, healing, transformation, and mandalas take in a lot, and I’m open. I’m also open to topics to blog about. Some ideas I’m thinking about include the language of caring, my recent creation of a personal Board of Advisors, resiliance in relationships, and ways to create mini-vacations — a minute, an hour, a day — to better handle the stressors of our lives.
More anon (really!),
– David
David J. Bookbinder, LMHC

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