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I am currently looking for someone to assist me in marketing my Flower Mandala images. I’ve won a grant and have sporadically licensed some of these images or have sold prints, but I believe this work is a good candidates for larger distribution. I’m looking for someone to work with me on finding/defining a market.
I view this internship as either a segue into a part-time job as an art representative (representing not only me but other artists, where I am the “beta site” for the marketeer) or simply as a learning experience that combines an investigation into the art and advertising market with development and implementation of a product marketing strategy.
The intern would work in three primary sub-areas:
– Identify potential products that could be created from the images (such as tiles, prints, fabric, note cards, etc.) and potential manufacturers of these products. One niche market is the New Age market, so current manufacturers of New Age products could be targeted, but I believe, based on the limited licensing sales I’ve done so far, that the images also have potential as designs on numerous commercial products.
– Identify broader licensing opportunities for the images, primarily relying on 1) manufacturers of compatible products, as described above, and 2) searches of creative directors and other image consumers working for advertising and design firms. These names (and their complete contact information) are available through an agency which “rents” use of their extensive database of these firms, to which I would subscribe.
– Develop and implement a strategy for creating and marketing products created from these images and for licensing images to creative directors at advertising agencies and/or graphic design departments.
I would supervise the intern, in conjunction with a business development consultant I’m working with. The number of hours per week, and the duration of the internship, would need to be worked out with the intern and his/her supervising professor. My preference would be to work with someone at one of the colleges in the Boston area, or with someone treating this as a creative part-time venture and able to work on a percentage of sales basis, but I’m also open to other arrangements. Working with half a dozen artists in the manner described above would, I think, be an interesting part-time job, and it could evolve into something much more.
Please e-mail me if you’re interested!
– David
David J. Bookbinder, LMHC
© 2009, David J. Bookbinder

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