Flower Mandalas

Flower Mandalas

Fifteen Flower Mandalas: A Re-Birthday Screensaver

Fifteen Flower Mandalas
Fifteen years ago this Thursday, I nearly bled to death in an Albany, NY, hospital. During that event, I had a near-death experience which set me on my current spiritual and artistic path. In commemoration of that upcoming re-birthday, I offer a screensaver containing the fifteen flower mandalas in the image above.
To get a free copy, click here to e-mail me your request with the subject line “flower mandalas screensaver request.” I’ll send you a Zip file containing the screensaver. The filename is “Flower” Unzip it and then double-click the extracted “Flower Mandalas.exe” file to install it as your Windows screensaver.
NOTE: This screensaver only runs on Windows machines. I don’t have a way to create one that runs on the Mac.
This screensaver is my small way of saying “thanks” to the Universe for letting me hang out here these past fifteen years. I hope you enjoy it. It’s been an interesting ride so far….
More anon,
– David
David J. Bookbinder, LMHC
Request a free flower mandala screensaver: Fifteen Flower Mandalas
Art, Healing, and Transformation group
Flower Mandalas Project group

© 2008, David J. Bookbinder

  • a fellow seeker

    happy re-birthday! the mandalas are lovely.
    somewhere on the web-I forgot the name-there is a site where you can buy beautiful soap mandalas! I’m sure a simple google will find it !
    blessings to you

  • Mother Seer

    I love your mandalas and have subscribed to your blog. As a fellow seeker and healer, I recognize in you a highly evolved soul. You are making a most worthy contribution to the online community. Thank you.
    I would love to have your screensaver, but I have trouble accessing the auto e-mail format that comes up when I click on the request link. Could you possibly e-mail it to me directly? Thank you so much for all your works.

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