Flirting with Faith
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If you’ve never heard of Alvin Slaughter, today might be a good day to connect with this world-renowned gospel artist and his friends as some fun, devoted and enthusiastic people spend the next 30 days working together to shake some […]

If you have never denied your want, how do you know how hunger feels? If you have never given up,how do you learn to receive? If you have never sat with emptiness,out of what do you fashion your hope? These […]

My friend Andrea posted this on Facebook. As I read it and consider this image of female sexuality against the very different yet equally challenging images young women receive today via television, the Internet and other sources, I can’t help […]

Allow me to introduce my husband Martin. He is an artist, a musician and a student of graphic design. He is also the other half of my endeavor to give up the right to be right for lent. Rather than […]

New author Renee Johnson and I have communicated through social networks and by telephone. She is at once enthusiastic and complex in her pursuit of her passion for writing and speaking and her desire to understand the challenges of balancing […]

So last year was the first time I tried to practice lent. I wish I could say it was a wonderful and spiritually enlightening experience, but I have to admit that I failed not once, but twice to stick to […]

As people across the nation prepare to spend this evening eating, drinking and consuming millions of dollars in television advertisements before, during and after the Super Bowl, this story of a family in Atlanta offers a contrasting view of how […]

Got home from the hospital last night following an unexpected three day stay that included lots of tests and a few odd physical episodes of unknown origin that quacked like seizures but didn’t quite walk like them. I will spare […]