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I was asked in an interview last week, what was my favorite Bible verse. While it seemed like an odd question to me, like asking for my favorite musical chord or favorite ingredient in a cake, I did the right […]

Found this shot on my friend Jesse Rice’s blog, depicting a little boy being rescued from the rubble in Haiti after being trapped for 8 days. The joy on his face and the face of these rescuers is a glimmer […]

Much has been written about where God has or has not been in the days following the devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. This morning it was reported that another quake, this one a 6.1 on the Richter scale, shook the […]

Emmanual Jal was a child soldier in Sudan who escaped to Ethiopia in an excruciating months-long journey across the desert, came to faith when he faced the dilemma of whether or not to eat his friend to survive, and is […]

I never imagined that I would (finally) find my response to Pat Robertson’s controversial (and unfortunate) statement on the earthquake in Haiti in my reflection on the life and writings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Having spent the week […]

TO THE WOMAN IN THE RUBBLE by Shelia Mullican, Blogger at Anam Cara  I am unable to escape your eyes.  Frightened.  Imploring.  I wonder…what had this day been like for you? Were you on your way to the market?  Were you working […]

I’ve done more reading than writing about the earthquake in Haiti today. Dozens of news articles and blog posts unpacking what is happening on the ground, how many millions of people have been impacted, where donations can be sent and […]

I am pleased to announce that reader Chris Wiles is the winner of the Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places book giveaway. Chris’ name was chosen at random from the group of people who commented on each of the four […]

In 1971, Abbie Hoffman urged Baby Boomers, then in their teens and 20s, to Steal This Book as a call to arms for “the Robin Hoods of Santa Barbara Forest to steal from the robber barons who own the castles of capitalism.”  According to […]

This is the last of four reflections on L.L. Barkat’s fantastic book Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places. Comment on each of the four posts between now and 6:00 p.m. this evening and your name will be included in a random […]