Flirting with Faith

My husband Martin, son Ian and friend Andrea sat tonight drinking coffee and discussing outlandish dreams. What power, ability or experience we would love to have if there were no limits. It was an impractical exercise that broke down like this…

Martin said he would 1) go back in time and mentor his younger self and 2) clone himself and hang out out with four or five Martins (how’s that for healthy self-esteem!).
Andrea said she’d like to fly.
I said I would like to be able to teleport from place to place and through history.
Ian, who is 11, said 1) he would like to live in an anime cartoon and 2) he’d like to go back in time and meet Jesus face-to-face. When I asked him what he would say to Him, Ian said, “I would ask for some tips on how to know the right thing to do.”
How about you? What would you ask Jesus?     
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