Flirting with Faith
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Sitting on a black leather covered banquette in a funky basement performance space in the East Village last night while a group of passionate and talented writers read smart, often hilarious, stories about their bumbling, stumbling and wrangling toward faith, […]

A guest post from Dr. Suzan Johnson-Cook (Dr. Sujay) Last week we asked, “Whose Hands is it in?”  This week, I’d like to focus on “What’s in your hands?” Moses was an amazing figure in Biblical history. In fact, many […]

Michael Jackson was a cultural icon, an amazing talent, a child prodigy and, unfortunately, a person whose personal issues ran so deep that he spent many years hurting himself and others. I can only know what I read about this […]

Most people who frequent this blog know that both of my parents passed away last spring. They were young by today’s standards, 65 and 67. My mother was sick for some time and succumbed to kidney cancer in April. My […]

There Is a Hole in My Sidewalk: Autobiography in Five Short ChaptersBy Portia Nelson, sent to me by a good friend. Chapter OneI walk down the street.There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.I fall in.I am lost…I am helpless.It isn’t […]

This is the first of seven weekly guest posts from Dr. Suzan Johnson-Cook, Author, Speaker, Senior Pastor at the Bronx Christian Fellowship Church in New York and Founder of Wall Street Wednesdays, a mid-week service that has been held for […]


I’ve never been big on anniversary-type, annual celebrations. I always have to do the math to figure out how long I’ve been married (12 or 13 years) or how long I’ve been sober (one more year than married) and I […]

I was 8 when this Good Times episode ran. Not sure if I saw it then, although the program was a family staple back in the days when we only got three network channels and PBS. It wasn’t until I […]

Why is it that we are so surprised when people do wonderful, selfless, one-sided, things for us?   I’m talking about those times when we have a need – expressed or hidden – and someone senses it and fills it […]