Flirting with Faith
August 2008 Archives

I started to write a follow-up to the “Am I the ‘Not the Religious Type’ Type” post in an attempt to share, as promised, my experience at the first (first annual?) Center City Summit: Where Faith and Secular Culture Meet […]

I’m travelling from New York to Cambridge, MA (home of Harvard U) on Sunday evening to attend the Center City Summit: Where Faith and Secular Culture Meet. The event is billed as: A first-of-its-kind event where you can connect with […]

Yo decido escribir en Espanol todos los Miercoles a mis Miercoles en Espanol. Hablo con suceso para quatro semanas, pero excribo solamente un tiempo. Es muy dificil, especialmente los frasas. Tengo muchas palabras, pero las frasas son diferente. Mi esposo […]

I’ve spent the past week or so knee-deep in a very interesting dialog about “deconversion” that was spurred when a posting on this blog titled “Atheism Sells” caught the attention of the folks at I’ve enjoyed learning a little […]

Today is my one-month anniversary as a blogger. Before all of you early-adopter types start giggling, you can rest assured that I am well aware that I am behind the curve here. The impact of Web 2.0 on communication and […]