Flight of the Soul

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Nothing better than enjoying a great read at the beach.  So many fabulous works to enjoy.  

A new work of mine to be released next year, Vanessa by the Sea, follows the journey of “walking into the water” of true being ness in equanimity with the soul in this spiritual exploration of waking up to the deeper conversation of life sharing the working relationship between a client and her therapist to uncover the truth of that message using the road by the ocean as a metaphor for the gateway to the unconscious inspiring life’s biggest lesson in unconditional love and friendship.

Enjoy an excerpt from the work…

As she talks my outer self moves aside, the gentleness of her speech cadence I have grown to love, eases the shape shifting inner lens of spirit into the truth, I am experiencing the self love born of so many hours sitting with whatever illusory mania of the super and unsuper revealed soaking through any word.  I see the artistry, the work transformed into the craft of Psychotherapy that has taken flight through a repetition of faith in love to see.

Like so much fabric in the tapestry of our time together whatever roads have been traveled, however many past lives had led her to the couch I sit on.  Nothing mattered,

The tide beating heart of the earth ever whispering Trust, Faith, Love. in the background as the Ocean whispers just outside her office door.


“I don’t want to be less than who I am anymore.  I don’t want to shrink in the world and diminish my expression.”

“You are here to complete your assignment.”

“We are given certain keys in our lifetime.  Keys that unlock doors, keys that turn on machines, keys that open hearts.  These keys are entering and disappearing from consciousness every day.  How we choose to use these keys providing entre to extraordinary love and unlimited possibility.”

Vanessa’s voice melding in the buttery sounds of the ocean’s harmony.

“I have watched you choose with so much love for your self and your way of being.”

I nod again.

“Keys of light.”

“Helping you open more and more doors.”



No matter what the question, love always remains the answer.  Vanessa by the Sea. A Client, A Therapist, A Gift of Love.  by Melanie Lutz Releasing February 2015.

email for further information.

love knows no boundaries

It has been quite something to stand in friendship and love and share so much material in community and witness the intuition of possibility.

“What hatred claimed is given up to love, and freedom lights up every living thing and lifts it into Heaven, where the lights grow ever brighter as each one comes home. The incomplete is made complete again, and Heaven’s joy has been increased because what is its own has been restored to it. The bloodied earth is cleansed, and the insane have shed their garments of insanity to join Them on the ground whereon you stand.  Heaven is grateful for this gift of what has been withheld so long. For They have come to gather in Their Own.

What has been locked is opened; what was held apart from light is given up, that light may shine on it and leave no space nor distance lingering between the light of Heaven and the world.

The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.

What hatred has released to love becomes the brightest light in Heaven’s radiance. And all the lights in Heaven brighter grow, in gratitude for what has been restored.

Around you angels hover lovingly, to keep away all darkened thoughts of sin, and keep the light where it has entered in. Your footprints lighten up the world, for where you walk forgiveness gladly goes with you. No one on earth but offers thanks to one who has restored his home, and sheltered him from bitter winter and the freezing cold.”

Remembering the past, honoring our history in celebration of all of it to be released in the present moment of connected loving community to release the future to be something entirely free and spectacular and different from what has come before.
In unhinging what has come before in the present moment in a circle of sharing and love so much has been born.
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“Welcome at last. Where stood a cross stands now the risen Christ, and ancient scars are healed within His sight. An ancient miracle has come to bless and to replace an ancient enmity that came to kill. In gentle gratitude returned to love.”

Take whatever broken wing you feel you might be favoring and learn to fly.


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Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 6.20.12 PMEvery heart beats true for the red white and blue, words written by George M. Cohan a lyricist, performer and true renaissance man captured the heart of the industrial revolution and the spirit of the birth of our one nation under God.

It is an honor to live in this country, to be afforded the freedoms we share and to be able to celebrate all that we are and all that we can be.

Enjoy She’s a Grand Old Flag written by Mr. Cohan and captured on screen starring James Cagney in  Academy Award winning performance in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

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Which artists among us live and breath these truths.  We stands forward embodying the challenges of the spirit to freedom.

Theologian James Dunn spoke of –

the humility that befits all humanity

the hurt that afflicts every heart
and the hope that comes with community

There is strength in the company of others

from “we the people” to “we shall overcome.”

to quote Bill Moyers —

“There is much to repair. If we have the will for it.”

No matter what divides us… We must remain united in the highest order of freedom. With respect for our differences and find our common humanity. Let’s make practicing humanity a way of life. Not because it’s easy. But because it’s the right thing to do.

We owe it to those who come after us not to fall asleep, not to forget who we are, and to take advantage of the deeper conversation. Today, and every day.

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As we enter summer it is that time to throw open the windows, open our hearts to the longer cycles of the sun AMP EXPERIENCE Happiness Tea Melanie Lutzand enter that deliciously simple time when the soul blows wide open.

Take today and the gentle joy of this moment to let the past fall away in the wash of the summer sun.

ACIM has a great line that feels right… “you can have a grievance or a miracle, you can not have both.”  This speaks directly to the truth, you can hold one thought.  Make it be loving and that will lead you through the illusions that create extended suffering beyond the moment of incident.

“If Jesus had yelled from the cross, ‘I hate all you guys,’ it would have been a completely different story. There would have been no resurrection. What created the space for his triumph was his defenselessness, his holding to love despite what others were doing to him. The body can be destroyed, but truth cannot be. Truth will always reassert itself, given a symbolic three days. Three days represents the time it takes between the crucifixion and the resurrection, between an open-hearted response to hurt and the experience of rebirth that will always follow.”

— Excerpted from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Love always remains the answer, no matter what the circumstances.


Enjoy Wynonna Judd singing

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All is love in your presence, all is held and whole and perfect. I Love you beyond the beyond, into the depths of truth and joy into heaven on earth.

Thank you for all your blessings and all the right minded joy you have brought into my life.

“May the stillness and the peace of now enfold you in perfect gentleness. Where everything is gone except the truth.” — ACIM

Welcome to the presence of Love.

Congratulations on your commitment, on your integrity of self and you full knowing of the experience of love.

The power of God and all His Love, without limit, will support you as you seek only your place in the plan of Atonement arising from His Love. ACIM

Much grace and ease and smiles. Enter the vision of now, in truth with Love.




You still see with the body’s eyes and all that they can report is separation. But you have asked for and received another Vision. You share the Holy Spirit’s Purpose now so you also share the Holy Spirit’s Vision. The Holy Spirit’s ability to extend Love everywhere is yours now, too. The Holy Spirit does not see separate selves; only One Holy Self everywhere. The Holy Spirit does not see fear; only Innocence shining Peacefully on Everything that the Holy Spirit loves.

Look with a different Vision on your Holy relationship. You have forgiven your Christ Mind your illusions and yet your Christ Mind cannot use your Love while you do not see It. You cannot use What your Christ Mind gives to you unless you choose to use Itwith your Christ Mind. The Holy Spirit’s Vision is not an idle gift to be played with for a while and then tossed aside. Listen carefully: Don’t think that the Holy Spirit’s Vision is an illusion, a careless thought to play with, or a toy to pick up from time to time. If you do, this is what It will be to you.

You have the Vision now to look past illusions. It has been given to you to no longer see fear, separation, or obstacles to Peace. Your fear of God is nothing to you who can now see your Christ Mind in place of the personal mind’s projections on the other. With your Christ Mind in your awareness your Vision has become the greatest Power for the undoing of illusions that God can give. What God gives to the Holy Spirit you receive. Your Christ Mind looks to you for release because you have asked for the strength to look on the final obstacle of your fear of God and to no longer see fear or death.

The Home that you have chosen is beyond the veil of your fear of God. It is ready to receive you. You will not see It with the body’s eyes, yet all that you need to see It you already have. Your Home has called to you since time began and you have never failed to hear It. You just did not know how or where to look for It. Now you know. In you, God lies ready to be unveiled and your awareness of God is ready to be freed from the terror that has kept God hidden from you. There is no fear in Love. Easter is a symbol that Christ was never crucified. Lift your eyes with your Christ Mind, not in fear but in faith that only God is Real. There is no fear in your Christ Mind because your Christ Mind’s Vision does not see illusions, only a path to Heaven, your Quiet, Gentle, Peaceful Home.

The Holiness that you extend in your perception of the other in your Holy relationship will lead you Home. The Innocence that you extend will light your way, guiding you and protecting you, shining from the Holiness that you extend in your forgiving your illusions. Let your Perception of the other in your Holy relationship be your Savior from illusions as you look on them with the new Vision that looks on Love and that brings you Joy. With your Christ Mind you go beyond the veil of fear. The Holiness that leads you is within you, just as your Home is within you. You will find What God means for you to find.

This is the way to Heaven and the Peace of Easter. Join your Christ Mind in the glad awareness that you have risen from the personal self’s past to awaken to the present. Now you are Free and Limitless in your Oneness with All that is within you. Now is your Innocence untouched by guilt and perfectly protected from fear and the belief that separation from God is real. Your extension of Love to your relationship saves you from pain and fear, and your Christ Mind, Which you see in it, is the Strength that guides you through and beyond fear. Walk in your Holy relationship rejoicing because your Christ Mind has come into your awareness to save you from your illusions and to lead you Home.

The Christ that you see in your Holy relationship is your Savior and your mind is released from crucifixion through your Vision of Christ in all that you perceive. In your pain your Christ Mind will not leave you, who are One with Christ. With your Christ Mind you will gladly walk the way of Innocence as you behold the open door of Heaven and recognize the Home that has called to you. Joyously extend your Freedom and your Strength to lead you Home and to replace the world in your mind. Extend your Holiness, Where Strength and Freedom are, to receive the awareness that leads you Home. Christ is in you and in your mind’s perception and your Christ Mind will lead you past fear to Love.


Count down to Independence Day!



Melanie Lutz is a screenwriter, author, and poet living in Los Angeles check out more at




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“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”  7:7 Mathew

Enjoy the deepest experience of your soul’s expression.

lots of Love,


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1010748_10151733975651810_651095245_nThere are so many ways and tools and support systems to integrate the universal energies always at play in our lives.  All of them offer ways to heal, to transcend limitations self imposed and otherwise and lead the way to deepening your practices of self love.  One of my favorites is an ancient practice that provides support and light bulb rays tied to symbols to some ways to witness the beautiful Rising up of your spirit with love into all parts of deeply known and held magnificence, shining brightly.

You can pick any path that works for you, any technique or Teacher that you are drawn to is a good experience to add to your arsenal of love.

Everything is waiting for you.

Seek to open to the most nourishing support system and principles that bring you joy when you practice them. With that, we bring you a spotlight on…. Usui Reiki.


REIKI The art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine for all diseases

Here’s Five great universal principles that will allow you to start each day above the rabble of the day choosing happiness, choosing to hold the high ground, not dipping into that which draws you out of your personal harmony.

happiness healing love

happiness healing love

At least for today:

Do not be angry
Do not worry
Be grateful
Work with diligence
Be kind to people

Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart. I am here to be happy Worry is a thing of the past I am grateful for my life, exactly as it is. I have my guides and my legions of angels all around me Enabling me to love deeply and openly. I am safe beyond anything my mind can mentally create. I am safe to let life expand in glorious ways. I am worthy and I am loved. Let me not forget to shine brightly Allowing me to glow in my greatness. I am now awake. I know the truth which is: I am Whole. I am here to thrive. I am here to be an example of Love and Happiness. I am here to spread joy. Kindness unfolds before me daily.

Let this mantra light your way for the days ahead. If you want to check out Reiki click here.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” — Carl G. Jung


If you live in Los Angeles and want to train in Reiki check out the person who introduced me to Reiki Elena Sophia Kozak’s Reiki Training classes in the heart of Mid City in Historic Pico Union.  Should you want to experience a session Click here.

Also, to experience new adventures, join in an upcoming AMP EXPERIENCE SUNDAY TEA to learn more about different spiritual practices


AMP Happiness In Collaboration with Elena Sophia Kozak

Happy Day!Are you living the life you are supposed to live?  Are you being the person who is a joy to others by being a light unto yourself.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”  Theodore Roosevelt

This quote hits into the heart of everything I know about vulnerability.  Brene Brown goes on to share why.

“It is about showing up and being seen.  If courage is a value you can not avoid the critic (inner or otherwise)”

“if you are not in the arena and also getting your ass kicked, I don’t need your feedback.”

Enjoy her talk on The Power of Vulnerability…

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“We are all children of God”  “….the brute, the bigot whether they know it or not and I am supposed to treat them accordingly.”  Think about that quote from Terence “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto“,”I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.”

Words spoken by Dr. Maya Angelou light up the atmosphere that there is something bigger…

“I intend to use my energies constructively not destructively.”

Do it.  Dare to be bigger than the condition to which you’ve been born.”

“Stretch, stretch, stretch, yourself.”

Do it.

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Life is ours to cherish in all its forms and all its glorious humanity.

Pulling this story from Oprah talking about what a difference education made in her life.  Listening to the stories of the bible in church and what all of the words spoken on those Sundays meant.

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say move this mountain to that and it will move.

Peace, Joy, Love is a part of your birthright.  What you believe will reveal itself.

Believe in your humanity that flows through all of us.

Today and everyday make a commitment to love!

“I would sit there in Church every Sunday taking it all in listening to the

through God all things are possible.

“Do you believe you are worthy of happiness, joy, love, abundance is a part of your birthright?”

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Love, is also happiness.

“Happiness is an attribute of love. It cannot be apart from it. Nor can it be experienced where love is not. Love has no limits, being everywhere. And therefore joy is everywhere as well.”  — ACIM

You are going to be alright!

Lots of Love,



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Our power will not be squashed.  It will be celebrated.  

Meryl Streep 

Thanks to the Elephant like Internet record banks the introductory remarks of Meryl Streep fresh off winning the Academy Award for playing Margaret Thatcher speaking in tribute to Hilary Clinton at Tina Brown’s Women in the World 2012 introduces one of the world’s most dedicated activists in the empowerment of women Hilary Clinton from her unique perspective.

“I am an actress.  Hilary is the real deal.”

Striking the perfect note of insight, with the recognition and understanding of the role each of us is here to play as the worlds of the Actor and Activism find an intersection point.

Remembering the anger and distaste that came up in my neighborhood as a kid when Hilary Clinton ‘stood by her man,’ then when she ran for office becoming Senator Clinton of New York, eventually losing her Presidential bid and accepting the position of Secretary of State to remain in service to her beliefs, and, when, pretty much anything that Hilary Clinton has done comes up.

I never got it.  Here is someone who puts the truth of service first holding space for the greater good beyond circumstance.

So, why the polarized reactions.

“I have fought every day of my life.”  

When Meryl Streep delivers the line as The Iron Lady it is a cry of the universal female telltale heart.  Every woman understands this fight, this piece of understanding of the completeness that is a woman’s role in society.  Everyday waking up to feed hungry children, to look at the world through the holistic practical eyes owned in the birthright of the feminine.  This fierceness of belief in doing what needs to be done because we know what it means to carry life into being, to incubate ideas, to be a Mother Earth representative in the breach of change, to demonstrate shining light in our communities nourishing what needs nourishing and remembering no matter what befalls the effort, in showing up, and playing the part we were born to play destiny is delivered.  

Acting the role of Margret Thatcher is different than being Margaret Thatcher but through the eyes of this celebrated Actress who has delivered iconic, archetypal female characters one after the other at the depths of the truth in what it takes to be a women in today’s society you feel the role women embody in our communities around the planet.   Ms. Streep is a light to the many voices and one expression of the female in contemporary society.  A review of her work reveals the pantheon of opportunities available for women to rise into the fullness of the hero’s journey to have a voice, to speak the truth and to overcome adversity in the accomplishment of a life’s purpose.  Ms Streep projects the truth in imaginary and very real events and when she stands and delivers “I have fought every day of my life”  the story is transcended as Ms. Streep’s work always does, echoing the persistence of the inner struggles that over the centuries showcase the acceptance that we are powerful beyond measure and in recognizing this we can honor and celebrate each other without the need for judgment and dimming of our talents.  With her body of work Ms. Streep stands and delivers in the corner of the world she occupies with no apology.

Continuing her own experience at the intersection of storytelling and reality Ms. Streep shared what  she witnessed after a staged reading of the stories of women who had risked their life against injustice…

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“That night in the theater… Anabella De Leon of Guatemala pointed to Hilary Clinton who was sitting in the front row… ‘I met her and my life changed.’  And all weekend long Women from all over the world said the same thing.  ‘I am alive. Because she came to my village, she put her arm around me and had a photograph taken together.  I am alive, because she went on Local TV and talked about my work, now they are afraid to kill me.  I am alive because I heard her speak.  Because I read about her.'”

“This Hidden history Hilary has…  Unheralded.  Uncelebrated.  Careful.  Constant work on behalf of women and girls that she has always conducted…  It deserves to be AMPLIFIED and this willingness to take it.  To lead a revolution.” is what defines Hilary Clinton.

“When she first raised her voice to say Women’s rights are Human Rights.  When Hilary stood up in Bejing to speak that truth…” the course of girls futures around the world shifted.

Women standing up, speaking the truth, joining together to transcend fears in favor of enlightening the conversation by finding the connections is our path forward.

“Never give up, is what Hilary Clinton embodies, and we understand that there is much work to do and know we have the ability to do it.”

As Women wake up, own their gifts the world changes in magnificently unexpected  ways. 

Hilary Clinton

Joseph Campbell broke down the difference between men and women, “in simple words Women are the bearer of life and men are the protectors of that life.”  Somewhere along the way we got it backwards, resting the roles from the other.  As we return to honoring this process in the hearts of each of us, its holders, as we step into incubating, nurturing and nourishing a new day, a new day moves into the hallways of the underlying spirit of politics, with renewed grandeur and true passion and purpose.

As Meryl Streep made way for the real and the righteous, the Actor introducing the activist in a particular harmony of action, Hilary Clinton shares her viewpoints of empowerment…

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“Extremists focus on women… they want to control women… they want to control decisions we make about our own health and our own bodies.”

We “Roll sleeves up and get to work.”  “Committed individuals often with help from their friends can make a difference in their lives and far beyond.”

Time teaches us all lessons in courage beyond categories of thought.  Reflection brings us to the core of that which we need to see.  Each limit tested and boundary pushed extends possibility for each of us, there is no greater testament to the power and purpose of light in all its meanings than to allow an illumination of that which is beyond our capacity to see in connection with that which transcends category into the completeness of our oneness, experiencing our connection point in the space of the human heart.

While we may have a story in our minds about Hilary Clinton, one thing remains… she has been a shining example of the ways in which our silent actions ring loudly across the planet, her endurance in the face of criticism and defeats and successes and schedule and time on this planet has mattered to those whose lives where not only enlivened by her choices but by the way in which those lives were sheltered in her light.

“Never give up, is what Hilary Clinton embodies…. For her willingness to take it all on. For her willingness to step into the light.”

What is inherent in women around the globe can not be denied.  Control is an illusion of that which will always rise again with each new new tomorrow.

Never before has it been so important to show up and play the part you came here to play.  If you are called to go somewhere and sing your song, book a ticket and get there.  You can not keep a purposed person down.

Our Love will be shared.  Our lights will shine.

Marianne Williamson

“If you are going to do something in the world have a woman by your side.”

As Marianne Williamson declared in announcing her candidacy for Congress in District 33 in Los Angeles on a quiet Sunday in November of 2013 “We are the authors of the inner life” I was present in the audience.  This was a realization of the promise of the previous year’s Sister Giant Conference  designed to empower women to run for office and a galvanizing force of passion and purpose shifting the conversation into action by instilling a level of confidence if the will was there, support for the way would be tendered.  On the Sunday Afternoon a year later Marianne Williamson outlined her path forward to election day June 3rd 2014, sharing her ideas on why she answered her own call and how she planned to activate spaces previously sidelined from the political conversation, you could feel the forces of nature shifting the chemistry into new tomorrows in the darkness and energy of the Saban Theater.  This brewing nature of destiny unfolded toward a primary election in a future not too far off that would blaze forth representing so much more than the outcome in a voting booth.

One mission.  Returning to love, in every fiber of her work now a beacon of loving spirit into the foundation of the principles of the truth of Politics.

The journey of the heart externalized as Alanis Morissette introduced Marianne Williamson with a song she wrote called Guardian.

“As your guardian I’ll be your keeper for life.”

In this sound and light a woman committed to a new way to speaking the truth with love found a new harmony.

“I’ll be your angel on call
as your guardian”
I’ll be your keeper for life.
as your guardian
as your warrior of care

In taking action, in showing up no matter what the outcome Marianne Williamson is opening doors for many others to follow, reminding each of us that wings are ever available to help us fly and stepping up to destiny’s promise is that act of commitment where the universe meets each step forward with a 1000 fold force of previously untapped powers of love.

Each life touches so many others and the single act of showing up to the truth is the most powerful expression of humanity we access, in which the ripple effects are staggering and lovely.

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“Our biggest threat is a thousand cuts – the slow but now constant chipping away at our democratic freedoms- one capitulation to moneyed interests at a time…”

These words slice so deeply into the core of our sleepiness as a society to set off alarm bells to action in small and large ways integral to the wake up call that Marianne represents.

Marianne has demonstrated a celebration of commitment, to her work and her life by engaging an old exhausted conversation in a new way to create anew in the act of standing up, sharing her voice and shedding light in the areas that need it representing the greatest acts we do, the integrity of excellence that creates space of limitless possibility for change.

At a recent rally into the heart of the matter, Marianne Williamson does what she always does, inspire a movement of the heart in the eternity of the present moment, open to more and more love:

YouTube Preview Image

On June 3rd, win or lose, destiny will have been met.  The fullest commitment to the deeper truth, that which is seen on the invisible level will have been laid bare and the conversations that have begun will bear fruit in large and small ways bringing about a stepping stone into a gateway of new tomorrows built on the present filled with limitless possibility for a new earth.

Inspiration comes in many forms and by her actions and her work and her message, Marianne Williamson leads the way for others to follow.  There is no greater experience than witnessing the birth of original perseverance, faith and love in action as the modern day miracle worker sets forth on a journey as old as time where Women create an economy of togetherness and light to shine away any injustice and birth a new day.

You don’t need to ask if your life has meant something.  It has.

Holding space for harmony and justice planting seeds locally, nationally and internationally.

Melissa Fitzgerald

Effectiveness, commitment, destiny, courage for the unknown are qualities Actorvist Melissa Fitzgerald consistently demonstrates.  Being a tireless voice for the invisible and underserved, an advocate for change and a representative of a new leadership philosophy takes faith in something bigger than yourself.  It takes vision beyond the current reality into the heart of what wants to be born.

During summer breaks on her seven seasons working as Carol on the smash hit The West Wing, Ms. Fitzgerald embraced an ingrained passion for shedding light in the dark corners of the spirit and when a dear friend coined the term ‘Actorvist’ to accommodate the two worlds Melissa Fitzgerald inhabits that are often impossible, she had a term to bridge and define her deep commitment to service and her belief in performance to reveal the truth, projecting light transcended definition.  Acting embodies the need to act inherent in Activism.  Current Senior Director for Justice for Vets Ms. Fitzgerald is re-framing a powerful movement to reclaim the lives of Veterans acting out of the traumas caused by their service by utilizing the justice system to return our heroes to their rightful place in our communities, amplifying a movement to support and honor those that have served our country.

Celebrity offers a particular platform of opportunity to lead by example, to broadcast messages that matter, to bring light to areas that have to long been cast in the dark and silent shadows of oppression, to lead so others might follow and to act in the spirit of determination for new tomorrows that are better than today in the health and welfare of our societies.

When asked what it is like to live in both worlds, that of the Artist and that of the Activist, Melissa  Fitzgerald at a recent event at Warner Bros. with heartfelt integrity does not hesitate… “Inherent in the Actor is the root of to act.  To be in action to what wants to live in the moment.  It isn’t enough to act the part, there is work to be done and being in action to serve those in need is completely necessary in our global mission to live in effectiveness and leave a path so others might know the way so deeply ingrained that loving change is inevitable and right action is the inner working of the spirit of those who have come before us.”

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Speaking at NCMR “A Roadmap for Change,” of the National Conference for Media Reform Ms. Fitzgerald speaks eloquently on the matter “When people say to me, it is hard to know where to start, there is only one answer.  You start where you are. With what you have.”  

“If you go, show up, you have the opportunity to change something for someone you meet, and that’s how it starts.  If you don’t step up nothing changes.”

Showing up is the most powerful act of faith an individual can express.  Showing up no matter what the circumstance, standing for what needs to be expressed, showing up for someone you love, standing up for the ways in which your showing up makes all the difference.  The ripple effect from every single act of being present is incalculable.  If your intention is to be more loving, then the world will be a more loving place.  If your intention is to show up to discover something, to be curious, leading the way by shining a light there will be more light in the world.  It is  as simple as that.  As one of my lyric writing idols, Dorothy Fields wrote in one of her early songs, “If there were more people who did there would be much less to be done.”

Melissa Fitzgerald Actorvist

Melissa Fitzgerald coined the word Actorvist to represent the intersection point of a lifetime commitment to service and how performing universal archetypal stories heal the heart and deliver the truth in imaginary situations.  In living this intersection point she represents the real deal in both worlds.

Shifting into an era of Global Citizenship that begins in communities.

Each of these women have conquered mountain after mountain, reaching new levels, lifting us above the battlefield into new vision, achieving the heights of excellence in the journey of our lives.  They stand as a testament to what each of us is capable of day in and day out to contribute to a better society with each act of faith.

Each of us provides an example in our circles, communities, and neighborhoods. As big as the problems we may face, the forces coming together in willingness and openness to a different way.  We definitely have the answer.  It lives within, as we exercise that which works through us and rises up when we are present to the task in front of us, showing up, being ourselves and in doing so shining light where it is needed most, where we are.

What connects and defines us as women.  What lives within our hearts that drives us to do whatever it takes to sustain our environment, to nourish our children, to give birth to new possibilities each day  we have the privilege to wake up and no matter what, to look at the world holistically, leading by example making sure what needs to be done gets done.

We are here to celebrate all that makes us human beings in magnificent cheering glory in an all out exercise of grace to bring about more and more peace.  These reminders of the deepest truth of what showing up means, in the magical and miraculous phenomenal space of Sisterhood in the present moment is how the open heart beats in love in thy kingdom come.

Thanks to these women and the many others who are tirelessly showing up, standing in the light and expressing the truth enabling others to stand in their light creating an unending chain of support in unity.

Start by showing up every day when you think you don’t know where to start.  All will be revealed.

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For more information on the Women highlighted:

Marianne Williamson – Marianne for Congress

America needs a serious course correction. Our democracy is in danger of dying a death by a thousand cuts, as a combination of shrinking civil liberties, expanding corporate influence and domestic surveillance are assaulting its basic tenets.

Melissa Fitzgerald – Justice for Vets

Justice for Vets enables the creation of a nationwide network of Veterans Treatment Courts that is transforming the way veterans are handled in the criminal justice system. In doing so we will keep veterans out of jail and prison; saving their lives, their families, and their futures, while saving tax dollars for the American public.  Lead by Actorvist and compassionate advocate for essential humanitarian causes Melissa Fitzgerald widely recognized as a courageous advocate for people in need.

Hilary Rodham Clinton – Hard Choices available June 10th

“All of us face hard choices in our lives,” Hillary Rodham Clinton writes at the start of this personal chronicle of years at the center of world events. “Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become.”  Hard Choices shares Hilary Rodham Clinton’s commitment to being in service to what needed to be done.

Tina Brown’s Women in the World

Women in the World is part of Tina Brown’s media empire and a testament to the grace and elegance of curating the power of the empowered feminine.  Watch video from the 2014 conference    here.

Melanie Lutz is a screenwriter, author, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.  Check her out at