Flight of the Soul
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Dishonesty dishonors. Personal integrity matters. I am angry I will not deny it. I am angry. The men calling out ‘bitches, deserve this.” I am angry. The lack of representation. I am angry. The years of continuing hypocrisy. The hijacking […]

What dreams are you ready to manifest today? What world are you ready to change? What offering are you ready to give today? Seize this moment to be kinder to be more loving, to give of yourself to another, to […]

Consider the possibility there is another way to look at everything, with love. Enjoy a day full of love, full of looking at the world with loving thoughts for yourself, for your neighborhood, for you community, for your family and […]

May you know freedom, may you know joy, may you know the quiet wonder of a gentle night walking in your neighborhood. May you bring peace to all you meet. May you never go hungry, may you share all the […]

She meant so much to so many. Her spirit soared through her voice to lift us all up, to connect us and to bring us the steely determination of what it meant to be a powerful, purpose filled woman, sharing […]

Allow me to be used for kindness Allow all my defenses to be lifted Open me up and break me open In ways beyond my understanding Into the faith of the moment And a vision that is righteous In the […]

Martin Luther King Jr. often said  “there is a power in our hearts  more powerful than the power of bullets”  … and today in the land of the free  and the home of the brave  it‘s never been more important  to remember. It is time to help each other transcend our limiting beliefs  and head into the field of pure possibility.  As always, I hope your soul’s expression breaks through  utilizing whatever language is necessary  for a full rich radiant vibrance that fills your being.  Listening to what speaks to you and around you.  As these individual notes join together  feel the stirrings of our collective heart  become a radiating social force bringing each  of our inner struggles and personal journeys  into the larger unfolding experience,  giving context and allowing nature to enact  its most beautiful elegant outflow  beyond the gravity  of our day to day.  Delivering  exactly what is necessary  for the fullest experience  in each moment. “All the natural movements of the soul are controlled by laws analogous to those […]

From the Bronx to Kansas to Washington to Texas Americans are waking up to their beautiful power to rise up, to help create community and organize for the common wealth. Thank God. All great speeches share one common thread, the […]

‘Merci, Madame.’ was the tone of waking today as French President Emmanuel Macron honoring the life of Simone Veil, interred in the Pantheon, buried with her husband in a procession from the Shoah foundation that held the memories of the […]

“There is a kind of magic available in a 20-minute writing sprint, sufficient power to unearth a seed that may grow into something larger, or even produce a work that is complete.” “Twenty Minute Stories” explores the magic of the […]