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“There is a kind of magic available in a 20-minute writing sprint, sufficient power to unearth a seed that may grow into something larger, or even produce a work that is complete.” 

“Twenty Minute Stories” explores the magic of the writers room to support the creative writing process. In this collection curated from ‘2o minute’ writing sessions Edited by Linda Gabriel 20 Minute Stories opens the door to an active and productive process that connects to the possibility available in each moment to allow the stirring of spirit to produce wonderful work on the page. The work collected in Twenty Minute Stories ranges in topic and feeling as diverse as the authors in the book and remain connected via the device of the prompts as spark divining wonderful work. The book reminds anything can happen in the pure presence of the heart, it suggests you always begin where you are.


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Twenty-Minute stories and poems is a collection of works that were written in 20 minutes or less. They have been edited for grammar and spelling, but other than a word added here or removed there, they are presented as written, fresh on the page.

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Mel Lutz is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA.

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Edited by
Linda Gabriel
Written by
Merry Elkins
Linda Gabriel
Therese Gilardi
Marcela Grad
Nona Grancell
Mary Elizabeth Holmes
Megan McGuinness
Melanie Lutz
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