Flight of the Soul

Surrender is the wisdom of the faithful open heart to realize miracles.  It is one of the biggest powers we have to manifest grace into and through our life with so much love.  My Mom always says, ‘Melanie, come on now.’ When I give her the famous lines ‘All we can do is pray.’    Almost all the time when we are met with something that confronts and challenges us and breaks us open and fills us with a premonition of the unknown that we must rise and embrace are we left with the one and only, most magnificent option, give it all over to the big peeps and G O D. However you come to this decision and there are many, why not go directly to prayer.  Return to prayer and find the answers within.

Love into the unexpected, love up the challenges that you meet.  Live your life as an open grace of acceptance.

Lets keep the magic of love rolling into the fullness of our days.  Let’s make a promise to ourselves to give it over, to place it on the alter, and celebrate loving surrender as often as possible.

Something comes up.  Stop and say.  Time to pray.  And, Yes, I realize I just rhymed that piece.  Aint no mountain high enough, aint no valley low enough, will keep you from the truth, to the opening that occurs in a surrendered heart. Allow it to flow, right now.

Words are magical
Life is beautiful
Love is all there is
Prayer is the medium of miracles
Surrendering to the butterflies
Embracing the light filled liquid love of possibility
Living in a practice of joy filled prayerfulness
So thankful to be able to remain open and surrendered, for the love that went into all of who I am and all that I have done and as grace propels me into deeper levels of awareness and expansion may each moment be filled with compassionate grace.
The greatest thing about surrender is the more you practice it, the more the gifts of spirit’s power flows through.  The more responding and entertaining surrendered action with love, the more peaceful you feel.  Like any practice the more you do it the stronger its flow.
Lesson #328 ACIM ‘I choose the second place to gain the first’ gives me a statement, an affirmation, if you will to remind myself to move into the universal flow, that loving composition of harmony that endlessly spins and creates and cycles.

In this stance of surrender to giving up what you think you need into what seems to be the second place, realizes what you in your truest heart want.  More from Lesson #238 ACIM:

‘All the things we perceive are upside down until we listen first to the Voice for God. It seems that we will gain autonomy but by our striving to be separate, and that our independence from the rest of God’s creation is the way in which salvation is obtained. Yet all we find is sickness, suffering and loss and death. This is not what our Father wills for us, nor is there any second to His Will. To join with His is but to find our own. And since our will is His, it is to Him that we must go to recognize our will.

There is no will but Yours. And I am glad that nothing I imagine contradicts what You would have me be. It is Your Will that I be wholly safe, eternally at peace. And happily I share that Will which You, my Father, gave as part of me.’

Go into the depth of your soul and allow surrender to take flight.  Be all that you can be in each moment and head beyond your beliefs. Discover the adventure of surrender.




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