Flight of the Soul

Love in itself is the first and final act of life itself. Love is the presence of the eternal. All we can hope to get from an other is an expression and reflection of love that will bring up everything unlike itself – all of it available to be looked at and released in the healing space of two by two.

I take the bridge from meaningless conflict To a world of peace

I take the bridge from nowhere

To the everywhere of connection

A place of complete compassion

I take the bridge of forgiveness

I take the bridge of acceptance

I take the bridge of atonement

I transform my experience by transforming my thoughts

From fear to Love

I don’t enter illusions

Because I see the truth

Today, now and always I am a magnificent woman.


That loving center of the human heart in each moment whole and complete affecting an outward ripple of love “that no man can tear asunder.”

This magnificent journey of the soul started in love remarkably continues. Symbols we recognize, keys we are given and doors we go through.


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