Flight of the Soul

Flight of the Soul

Mantra as Energy. Energy as Miracle. The Art of Inviting Happiness – Reiki

posted by Melanie Lutz

1010748_10151733975651810_651095245_nThere are so many ways and tools and support systems to integrate the universal energies always at play in our lives.  Over the next few months we’ll explore a few ancient practices that I hope will light bulb some ways to find support as you witness the beautiful Rising up of your spirit with love into all of deeply known and held magnificence, shining brightly.

If any of the areas offered seem helpful, give it a try.  You can pick any path that works for you, any technique or teacher that you are drawn to.  Everything is waiting for you.  Seek to open to the most nourishing support system and principles that bring you joy when you practice them.

This months practice spotlight is on….

The ancient art of Usui Reiki.


The art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine for all diseases

Here’s Five great universal principles that will allow you to start each day above the rabble of the day choosing happiness, choosing to hold the high ground, not dipping into that which draws you out of your personal harmony.

At least for today:

Do not be angry
Do not worry
Be grateful
Work with diligence
Be kind to people

Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart.

I am here to be happy

Worry is a thing of the past

I am grateful for my life, exactly as it is.

I have my guides and my legions of angels all around me
Enabling me to love deeply and openly.
I am safe beyond anything my mind can mentally create.
I am safe to let life expand in glorious ways.
I am worthy and I am loved.
Let me not forget to shine brightly
Allowing me to glow in my greatness.
I am now awake. I know the truth which is:
I am Whole. I am here to thrive.
I am here to be an example of Love and Happiness.
I am here to spread joy.

Kindness unfolds before me daily.

Let this mantra light your way for the days ahead.

If you want to check out Reiki click here.

lots of love,




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