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Oh, the science-cause-the-Bible’s-miracles crowd is going to love this. A powerful volcano erupted under the icesheet of West Antarctica around 2,000 years ago and it might still be active today, a finding that prompts questions about ice loss from the […]

I’m pleased to report that many PBS stations will be begin to air all three hours of WALKING THE BIBLE with BRUCE FEILER this week. Check local listings. There’s little uniformity on PBS stations, but I know that the show […]

Newsweek has a fascinating cover story this week on the future of the book, timed to coincide with the newest e-reader book silver bullet by Amazon. The retailer is releasing Kindle, which it hopes will do what all the previous […]

As many of you know, I’m working on a new book about the Bible in America. One of the things I write about is the Liberty Bell, which has a quote from Leviticus 25 on its side. The words say, […]

I was for teaching the Bible in schools before teaching the Bible in schools was cool. My argument, in a nutshell, is that at a time when religion is the dominant force in the world not preparing out students to […]

Our instructions were to show up at the Northwest Appointment Gate at 8:55 AM on Friday morning. My parents had flown up from Georgia; Mrs. Feiler Faster and I had made our way down from New York. My Dad had […]

In my reading pile this weekend from my father: An excerpt in Smithsonian of a new book about the unlikely man who discovered the Epic of Gilgamesh and made the connection between the oldest flood epic ever uncovered and the […]