Feiler Faster

The Dems made be putting ther organizational dollars where they mouths have been for the past few months.

In 2006, the party set up pilot programs in six states to experiment with the best way to capture religiously motivated voters. The goal was not to alter policies to be more appealing. Instead, it was to emphasize that Democratic priorities, such as opposition to the war in Iraq, environmental conservation and expanded government subsidies for healthcare, were important to Democratic candidates because of their faith and values.
Daughtry said that after the 2004 election there was an acknowledgement within party headquarters that Democrats had to “change how we talk” to people who vote on the basis of deeply held values.
Democrats, Daughtry said, “need to speak more from the heart. They like to talk about nuts-and-bolts issues and not about the basis from which the legislation springs.”
The party began encouraging Democratic candidates and elected officials to talk to values voters “about what they believe in and what drives them to go into government,” said Daughtry.

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