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Texas must be getting a case of the humbles. Twenty-five centuries after the Bible declared the world to have been created by God, the Texas Legislature has finally declared that it, too, is “under God.” Whew. And just in the nick of time. Enough with all those heathens the state has been foisted on the country.
Here’s a profile in courage.

Texas students will have four more words to remember when they head back to class this month and begin reciting the state’s pledge of allegiance.
This year’s Legislature added the phrase “one state under God” to the pledge, which is part of a required morning ritual in Texas public schools along with the pledge to the U.S. flag and a moment of silence.
State Rep. Debbie Riddle, who sponsored the bill, said it had always bothered her that God was omitted in the state’s pledge.
“Personally, I felt like the Texas pledge had a big old hole in it, and it occurred to me, ‘You know what? We need to fix that,’ ” said Riddle, R-Tomball. “Our Texas pledge is perfectly OK like it is with the exception of acknowledging that just as we are one nation under God, we are one state under God as well.”
By law, students who object to saying the pledge or making the reference to God can bring a written note from home excusing them from participating.

By the way, who has a State Pledge of Allegiance? I certainly never learned one when I was a kid growing up in Georgia. I was pleased to see the piece answers that question. “Texas isn’t the only state that has its own pledge of allegiance. Other states include Michigan, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky. Mississippi and Louisiana mention God in their pledges. And Kentucky lays claim to being blessed with “grace from on High.”
So now look what Ms. Riddle has done: She’s gone and made Texas just just like everybody else.

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