A Fear of Whales
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Earlier this week I wrote on awareness. I wasn’t terribly nice to the awareness industry. I beat up on it, I asked hard questions of it. I did it for a reason. A while back an old friend by the […]

Non-Profits love people like me. People with initiative and influence, people who already care, who don’t need to be sold on why the mission is important. They love to give me flyers, they love to link me to Facebook pages, […]

Guys, summer is over. Can we please stop with the posts policing women’s bodies? I’m not sure why but after years of relative silence the issue of women’s modesty has become “a thing” this year. It seems to have started […]

People joke about entering ones 20s and the passage on from teen years as a transition into “no longer knowing everything” If that’s what teenagers are characterized by than I guess the arrogance of ones 20s comes from knowing that […]

Once in Mr. Kaufman’s 5th and 6th grade combo class I said something really stupid and awkward. I was trying to make sound effects for a movie. I bragged on myself quite a bit; I could not deliver what I […]

Alright so I missed a week! I’m really trying hard not to do that, but I knew the next post should really be about my adjustment to Texas, and I’ve had a hard time finding the internet time, and the […]

Three years ago at this time I started this blog. I backdated some posts from earlier blogs when I started it. I was fundraising for InterVarsity and trying to increase my web presence. I had a lot of time on […]

I came across a piece of art recently that puzzled me. I recognized it immediately as a depiction of the miraculous catch of fish, a passage which I have analyzed exhaustively in the last year with InterVarsity. I knew the […]

There is an ordinance which passed in the city I live in, which gives equal rights to sinners. Specifically speaking it adds Sexual Preference and Gender Identity to a list of protected statuses according to the American Civil Rights act. […]

I was happy to become one of the first responders to the disaster in Oklahoma City. I was one of the late responders to Katrina, unable to find time to get down there until years after the event, and I’ve […]