A Fear of Whales
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A friend introduced me to someone recently and he asked “Oh, Is this the guy with the Liberal Blog?” …yeah that’s me   It makes sense that I would come off that way. I generally write to an audience that […]

It seems to be a common problem in Christendom that we feel like we are stuck waiting. It’s not a problem I am at all unfamiliar with At one point in my life I was waiting for a church to […]

After camp I drove a couple of my students back home to Kansas. It was good to have the time with the three of them to engage and hear about camp from their perspective. As a ministry we always try […]

There is a cult down in Vista California called the Twelve Tribes that I went and visited some time ago. You should know I don’t use that term lightly. When I say “cult” I don’t mean “people who believe differently […]

The head of our Inner-City Mission Project is named Gerry Gerry is a great old man, very wise and very neurotic, a few months ago at a staff conference I sat down with him for breakfast. “Where did you get […]

Last night I came downstairs at camp to find two girls talking “What are you talking about?” “We’re talking about proclamations of faith” “Oh cool, have you come to any sorts of conclusions?” One of the girls, Allie, responded after […]

I have refrained from speaking for a long time. At times I have thought it prudent to be quiet. At times I have been a coward. But here is the truth. Rob Bell is a good man and a good […]

I've found myself frustrated lately by a number of discussions that were more heated than they needed to be. If fact, they were more existent than they needed to be, they could have just as easily not happened at all! […]

One popular mantra in christianity today is "What if Jesus really meant that" It's a powerful question, when applied tho things like "Sell all you have and give to the poor" or "Judge not lest ye be judged" or "early […]

I had no idea, not the vaguest hint, yesterday morning as I woke up, I would be saying goodbye to my 1995 Toyota 4Runner I had been worried about a sore throat that I felt was coming on, which would […]