A Fear of Whales

A Fear of Whales

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A friend of mine works in the Labor and Delivery ward at a local hospital. She’s loves working with babies and new mothers and being inundated with that whole experience (the kind of thing which would make me run for the hills) And through […]


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I’ve been kicked out of my church. I’m a protestant and we don’t use the word excommunication, but we do unfortunately have vindictive congregants who start malicious rumors which persuade leaders to ask other congregants not to return. And that’s […]


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So Ash Wednesday was this last Wednesday… that can only mean one thing! It’s Lent. Happy Lent Everyone!!! …Can I say that? …Sad lent?….Contemplative lent? I really don’t know. Either way it’s lent, and that’s what I’m going to talk […]

First Post

posted by rgaffney

Hello and welcome to the dreaded first blog! The first blog has got to be the hardest to write because it is the blog that everyone goes back to and reads “how did this get started” and all that. So […]

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Theologically Correct
Lord I lift your name on High Lord I long to sing your praises I'm so glad you're in my life I’m so glad you came to save us You came from heaven to earth to show the way from the earth to the cross my debt to pay from the cross to the grave from the grave to Peter, and then to the 11, an

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The Majority Of Scholars
There is a phrase I have been hearing a lot, which I have come to detest. “The majority of scholars agree that…” It is raised in bar rooms and classrooms, it comes up in discussions about every subject, at seemingly every level. It is a useless thing to say. I understand why a person would be

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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About “Troublesome Lesbians”
There is an article Here (I hesitate to link it lest I help propagate the popularity of the article) it is titled “When Two Lesbians Walk Into a Church Seeking Trouble” and features the story of a wonderfully loving and accepting church and how their Christian nonjudgementalism softened the hear

posted 12:19:45pm Mar. 17, 2014 | read full post »

Last year at this time I was sitting in Varsity Donuts trying to make sense of living in Rural Kansas while not actively working for InterVarsity (My term ended February 2013) Today I’m back in the same Donut shop to visit, a Seminarian, still making sense of my experiences here, many of which I w

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Looking Back
As I begin my Lenten discipline of looking back, I’m most immediately reminded of Urbana 2012, one of my freshest memories from my IV life. It was there that Terry LeBlanc spoke about the discipline of remembrance telling a story about fishing with his grandfather, who told him how not to get lost

posted 7:19:00pm Mar. 05, 2014 | read full post »

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