A Fear of Whales

A Fear of Whales

The Liberal Blog

A friend introduced me to someone recently and he asked “Oh, Is this the guy with the Liberal Blog?”

…yeah that’s me


It makes sense that I would come off that way. I generally write to an audience that is more conservative than me (or at least I think they are). So I write articles that urge us to be more progressive. I say we should have a wide understanding of who is going to heaven we should not be religious about out treatment of profanity, and at one point I even kinda sorta defended gay marriage.


but the truth is I’m actually pretty theologically conservative, just not quite as conservative as the conservatives. And I’m maybe slightly socially progressive, if you look around you can also see me defending the historicity of the gospels talking about the importance of really believing the bible, and coming to Jesus.

For many of us who come from backgrounds like the one I came from, we never meet or interact with Christians that are unlike ourselves. We think whatever we believe is normal, and anyone more progressive is a heathen while anyone more conservative is a fundamentalist. This viewpoint is unsustainable, the truth is that the christian church is really big and there are lots of people in it and not everyone who believes differently can be easily dismissed.


So welcome to my liberal blog. If I’m standing to the left of you you are in the right place.

You should check everything i say against scripture, and come to your own decisions. If those decisions differ, by all means post a comment and we’ll talk about it (I think I have replied to every comment I’ve gotten so far) If you disagree for a good reason you are probably Right! I should know about it!  I would refer you to my very First Post from back when I was in college writing for In that post I explain that this blog is supposed to be about stuff I think, not stuff I know. this isn’t a treatise on theology, this is a Weblog. So challenge me on it, disagree, that’s part of the fun.

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