A Fear of Whales

It just so happens that I was visiting New York City yesterday when Osama Bin Ladin was confirmed dead. After 10 years the long search is over

Late yesterday afternoon I drove past Ground Zero, I saw the new One World Trade Center which is about a quarter built and already an imposing structure. Even though it’s clearly a construction site, it was lighted just like any of the other buildings on the New York Skyline as if to say “Yes, New York, This is your building. It’s Coming!”

That site, Those buildings, the fateful day in 2001 when that horrible attack changed history forever has special significance to this city. To this day you can still approach any New Yorker and ask them where they were when it happened, and their tough, grizzled exterior will melt as they talk about friends they lost, and wax sentimental about what this city means to them and the solidarity they now share.

So it’s really quite an unbelievable privilege that I was able to be in the City when he was caught.

We did it.

And now we can go about the Arts of Peace. Finishing the tower, grieving our losses, celebrating out heroes, and helping the war torn wastelands on the middle east to do the same by building schools and stabilizing political systems. It’s not over. The fighting won’t end here, but it is ending, we’re in the downhill stretch and we’re on our way to better times ahead for New York, and everywhere else in the world that values peace and love.

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