A Fear of Whales

You guys still don’t know me out there, I want to do the normal blog thing for a post and talk about my day, That way you can get some perspective on the kind of person talking to you.
I woke up this morning at 11am after sleeping through 3 alarms trying to wake me up in time to get prepared and bike to my 11:10 class which is about 10 minutes away by car, 13 by bike.
I threw my clothes on and woke up my roommate, Rob, to ask if I could borrow his car since mine was broken, he let me and I raced off to school.
I arrived in class at about 11:17 to find my professor sitting in an empty room. I say “well obviously I’m late” he says “class was canceled” I say “see you tomorrow!”
I go back home and back to sleep
I woke up again at about noon-thirty, a little bit before Rob, who is headed out to go surfing. I ask if he wants to go to lunch first, he does, we go.
At lunch we talk mostly about girls, and a little about theology. Then we spoke about their intersection a little bit. Speaking of which, leave me a comment, where do Christians get the idea that it’s not okay to date casually and get to know a girl? Both Rob and I think that is a fantastic plan compared to DTRs and “courting”.
When I came home, I watched some Lost, and then met my dad, who I worked with to fix my car.
After we finished we went out to dinner, where talked mostly about nothing and a little about theology. Speaking of which, leave me a comment, if my pastor told me, about a mission application I turned in that was lacking two out of the three references accidentally, that I should “Not even worry about sending them” because he will “call me if the committee needs them”… Does that mean I’m almost defiantly in or almost defiantly out? Because neither my dad nor I could tell.
After dinner I checked my e-mail, and worked on an article about abortion until 7, when I headed off to Unicycle Club.
Unicycle Club is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a club for people who like to ride unicycles or who want to learn. It meets at the giant university a few blocks away from my little private one.
In case you are wondering… I’m in the learning to unicycle category, not the enthusiast category. I can go about 4 yards before I fall.
After Unicycles I went dancing. I swing dance at a ballroom in my town. Today I think I finally learned the “swingout”, which, assuming I got it right, means that I am now officially “intermediate”
Then I went home, made a salad, ate it, and wrote this blog
Now I'm going to sleep.
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