A Fear of Whales

I go to a post-contemporary service at a Presbyterian church…. I realize that’s a little odd, but I'm going to have to suggest that you get used to it because it’s one of the less paradoxical aspects of my walk… Anyway one of the things we do as an expression of worship is make sandwiches in the service.
Some people clap their hands, other people make sandwiches to feed the homeless, it’s just something we do…. Ya know, because Christ is Lord
Anyway some friends of mine went to deliver the sandwiches last Sunday afternoon, and found that the mission we give them to was closed.
I dunno why, president’s day I guess.
That night they invited me out to go and find some homeless people on our own since the mission was closed…
We looked for 2 hours
We found 2 hungry people
We had 80 sandwiches
Monday we checked the mission again.. still closed. So I brought 78 day-old sandwiches to my college campus, and gave them to the freshmen.
You would not believe the reactions of 80 rich kids who have no trouble affording their daily bread when they are handed a homemade sandwich they don’t expect.
Anyway I’m pretty sure that has something to do with Jesus, but I’ll let you make your own connections.
I’m more interested in the direct pragmatism of the whole thing. Do you think I could ever get anyone else on board with me for a “Feed the Peckish” ministry?
Mark 5:11
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