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How I got to know Tommie Scott. When I’m not working on this blog, I’m a working writer/script consultant who is always on the lookout for compelling and inspirational material to develop. As a result, I’m involved with a few active projects. One of those, Breaking Tommie Scott, is an elevating true story about a guy who grew up as part of the Southern California gang scene and spent his young life in and out of detention facilities and prisons. His destructive lifestyle placed him on a downward spiral that led to brokenness. Fortunately, rather than being merely a cautionary tale, Tommie’s story is, in the end, one of hope — as his surrender before God, and his growing faith in Christ, provides a true example of how any life can be redeemed and how no one is beyond hope.

I was seeking a true story to tell when, like an answer to a prayer, Tommie Scott contacted me from out of the blue. He asked me if I’d be interested in working with him to do a screenplay based on his autobiography The Tommie Scott Story. Talking with Tommie, I was struck by his sincerity. After reading his book, it became even clearer to me that he had an amazingly gritty-yet-uplifting story that will make for a great movie — one which, hopefully, will positively touch people’s lives.

With the help of Tommie’s friend and mentor Kleg Seth, an associate pastor Tommie’s friend and  mentor at  Trinity Life Center in Las Vegas, we worked out an agreement and proceeded to adapt Tommie’s book into a screenplay.

Tommie’s story is currently receiving some encouraging interest from some top-flight entertainment industry professionals. Tommie, meanwhile, has mounted an iPetitions campaign to mobilize grassroots support for bringing his book to screen. It should be noted that Tommie is not asking for production money — just for a sincere expression of intent to see the movie once it is in theaters.

His petition reads:

My book “The Tommie Scott Story” has been converted into a screenplay by myself and scriptwriter John W. Kennedy (who also reports/comments on “Faith, Media & Culture” for Beliefnet and is the author of many narrative book adaptations for Cartoon Network Enterprises).

Currently the script is being considered by various producers & actors. This petition is a grassroots effort to show there are many people interested in seeing “Breaking Tommie Scott” made into a feature film. What I’m asking you to do is to show your support by signing this petition. By doing so, you will b expressing your sincere intention to go out and see the film once it’s produced and to bring at least one other person with you.

With almost 15,000 murders a year and with America being the the drug, alcohol and gang capital of the world THIS FILM MUST BE MADE. With all the riots, racial tension and hate being exploited,THIS FILM MUST BE MADE. Thank you.

If you feel moved to do so, please go to Tommie’s iPetitions page and offer your support for Breaking Tommie Scott. Thanks.

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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