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Saga of the Early Church. Executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have just released a sneak peek of A.D., the highly anticipated follow-up to of their smash-hit History Channel miniseries The Bible and successful theatrical film Son of God. The epic drama is set to premiere this coming Easter Sunday on NBC. 

As Roma Downey told me in a previous interview, “We’re hoping (A.D.) will run for many years — that it will be 12 hours per year for many years. It will reset the story at the Crucifixion of Jesus. So, it’s the darkest of days, it’s the most dangerous of days for the remaining disciples. It will follow the Book of Acts but told in a way that (asks) how is it possible that…the early Church managed to succeed in spite of all of the political and religious oppression in those dark and dangerous days?”

Check it out below. For more information about A.D. , you can click here.

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