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From Big Hollywood: A year ago graphic novel artist Billy Tucci unveiled “Billy Tucci’s ‘A Child is Born’” to critical acclaim. Tucci, a U.S. Army veteran, is an award-winning illustrator known more for Sgt. Rock, capes and cowls than inspirational Christian art...Now Tucci is seeking to ramp up printing to a hardcover version, trying to make that leap from comic book to bookshelf in a manner that will appeal to parents and grandparents who would enjoying sharing the story of Jesus’ birth with children in a format that with which children can immediately identify. Tucci has launched a Kickstarter effort to raise the needed seed money to make a large enough hardcover print run to attract major retailers, several of whom have indicated they will carry the book.
Comment: I wish Billy luck with this. I interviewed him when his original comic came out and he struck me as a sincere guy who wants to do something positive with the talent God has blessed him with. 

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