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Here are today’s dispatches from the crossroads of faith, media and culture.

1. Bruce Almighty sequel planned. From Entertainment Weekly: Nine years after Bruce Almighty, Universal is plotting a second coming. (Or technically a third.) EW has confirmed a Variety report that the studio has plans to reunite Jim Carrey with the Yes Man writers (Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel) for a new chapter in the life of the newscaster who is handed God’s powers and responsibilities after complaining about the big man’s negligence...
This wouldn’t be the first Bruce sequel; Evan Almighty attempted to hand the reins over to (Steve) Carell’s character, but that expensive, effects-heavy 2007 film underperformed and barely grossed $100 million.
Comment: There’s a good reason why Bruce Almighty is Jim Carrey’s most successful film. Besides being genuinely funny, it also has genuine heart — and a positive, optimistic view of faith. 

BTW, as I once said to Lino Rulli (The Catholic Guy) on his SiriusXM/Catholic Channel show, Evan Almighty would have worked a lot better if Carell’s character was instructed to build a spaceship instead of an ark. The whole ark thing had already been done (far more memorably) the first time. Although, I do have to say, this was a nice moment:

2. First Mormon president? Mitt Romney wins in New Hampshire.

Comment: As a conservative, I’d say that was a pretty good speech.  But, for those of you displeased with both Republicans and Democrats and still hoping for a third party candidate, I might suggest…

3. James Norcross for President!

Comment: We really need a president who “can change his molecular to steel, to granite…or whatever the need requires!”

No blogs tomorrow or Friday — while I catch up on some other writing work.  See you Monday!

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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